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Welcome...Keep coming back! It's amazing to hear these comforting words every time I find my way back into recovery, or "In the Rooms". I was going through my ITR profile and for the first time after 10 or so years, I noticed that I received chips in ITR just as I received them in NA or AA. I became sad after seeing an 8-year chip and then it went back to a 30 day, 60 days and 90 days. And guess what...I am back on day 1. I haven't used for about 2 days now but today's the day where I am starting to feel withdrawals from Crystal Meth...or TIK like it's known here in South Africa. I read something today that resonates with me and wanted to share it in this blog. By the way, this is my first ever blog. “Your addiction wasn’t your problem. Your addiction was your attempt to solve the problem. In all cases of addiction that I have seen, there’s deep pain that comes out of trauma. The addiction is the person’s unconscious attempt to escape from the pain. " -- Gabor Maté

I don't know who I am anymore. Starting my journey of recovery once again after relapsing in 2018

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Who Answers?

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