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First Sunday of Every Month at 9:00 PM–10:00 PM EST
Moderator/Facilitator: Patty Powers

About the Meeting:

SEX TALK is a monthly live-video conversation open to anyone in recovery. Sex is a powerful human experience, capable of unleashing a cascade of emotions and memories, which can be especially triggering for people in recovery. At Sex Talk, we share anything related to sex that impacts our recovery. It’s a place to ask questions and share experience, strength and hope. Bringing sex into the recovery conversation puts us on a path toward greater personal freedom, acceptance and healing. Sex Talk’s host Patty Powers is a nationally recognized certified recovery coach and writer based in New York City. Visit for more on Patty, clips from A&E’s Relapse, news articles and blogs.

About the Facilitator: Patty Powers

Patty is a nationally recognized certified recovery coach based in New York City. She appeared on the A&E’s miniseries Relapse and has been featured in multiple news and media outlets, including The New York Times. Patty has become a go-to resource for journalists and documentarians researching addiction and recovery.

A drug abuser from the age of twelve, Patty’s personal story is a sex/drugs/rock & roll version of Forrest Gump. During the seventies and eighties, she moved through music scenes, art world parties and personal encounters with political players from New York to London. By the time her addiction trumped the resiliency of youth, she found herself isolated and homeless in Los Angeles.

Patty did not set out to become a recovery coach. Shortly after entering recovery in 1988, musicians invited her on tour as sober support. Other friends in the entertainment industry later began asking Patty for guidance and support for their own clients, who struggled with addiction and alcoholism. Utilizing both personal and coaching experience, Patty developed an approach to coaching recovery and lifestyle transformation that engages the clients’ own creativity to support their ongoing sobriety. Finding a recovery coach used to be strictly word-of-mouth. But today, treatment providers, therapists and leaders in the wellness community (including integrative physicians) recommend Patty to their clients.

Join us on the first Sunday of every month at 9 PM EST!


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