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Sundays at 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST
Moderator/Facilitator: Payton Kennedy

About the Meeting:

The SHE RECOVERS® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. We connect, support and empower women through our virtual platforms and in-person community networks. We are all recovering from something!

This weekly gathering is facilitated by Payton Kennedy, Director, Volunteer Network and Foundation Events, and is for women looking to cultivate and follow individualized and holistic pathways and patchworks to wellness. Women recovering from substance use disorders, other addictions, mental health issues, codependency and/or other life challenges are warmly welcomed.

If you are a woman (cisgender or transgender) or a non-binary individual who identifies with women’s communities, and if you are in recovery or seeking recovery, you are welcome here. At each meeting participants are invited to share on a specific topic or theme introduced by the facilitator and/or hold space for others who are sharing. Participants are welcome to bypass the topic and share on personal recovery experiences.

About the Facilitator:

Payton Kennedy is the Director of Retreats & Event Operations for the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation. She is co-producer of the SHE RECOVERS® Signature Events (NYC in May 2017, Los Angeles in September 2018, and the upcoming Miami event in 2021). Payton is a yoga teacher (200-hour RYT, SHE RECOVERS® Yoga Teacher, Accessible Yoga Teacher). She is the creator of the new movement modality SHE RECOVERS® DANCE, which is a guided dance experience promoting self-discovery, body positivity, freedom, joy and empowerment. Payton is also enrolled in the IAPRC Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program and will train to become a Certified SHE RECOVERS® Coach.

Join us on Sundays at 10 AM EST!



  1. I’d like to join a meeting but don’t have and don’t want Facebook. Do you use any other platform for meetings? Maybe a zoom address I can click on from the website or an email?

    • For some reason I’m not able to get into the site it won’t open it’s on ITR this is the second Sunday in a row and it’s 9:00 a.m. meeting.

  2. Tammi Coffey Reply

    I need some directions on how to join the Sunday online meetings please.



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  6. Hello,

    I frequently refer my counseling clients to SheRecovers for virtual meetings, but AA/NA is generally preferred by CPS and Probation because the facilitator signs an attendance sheet. Is there a quick way to provide a similar attestation to virtual clients? AA and NA are fantastic, but I find that SheRecovers really resonates with the population I work with!

    Thanks 🙂

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