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Sundays at 11:00 AM–12:00 PM EST
Moderator/Facilitator: Allison Stanley

About the Meeting:

Yoga is a healing modality and a system of ethics. It can guide you to relief from mental suffering, and to a way to befriend your body. I believe that, by adding the philosophy of yoga to the practice of recovery principles, we can un-snarl the hidden wounds that prevent us from connecting fully with ourselves and others. This is a discussion meeting with the last ten minutes devoted to a yoga practice: seated movement, meditation or breath awareness.

About the Facilitator: Allison Stanley

My name is Allison, and I am a woman on a variety of pathways of discovering and recovering my wholeness. My experiences as a RYT 200hr yoga instructor, a Yoga and recovery space holder(Y12SR) and a SR Sharing Circle facilitator have all expanded and contributed to my sustainable recovery landscape.

I am a grateful woman in recovery from an AUD (alcohol use disorder), cPTSD, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, grief, and a variety of physical recoveries depending on the year.

I am a yogi who has weaved the eight limbs of yoga into my daily cognitive practices that have been the foundation for my early recovery. These daily practices have provided me with tools and community connections that have supported my commitment to abstinence from alcohol consumption for 20yrs. My foundation in early recovery was gifted to me through 12step programs in Alanon, AA and most recently ACA.

My identity as a mother of four adult children, two adult stepchildren, and seven grandchildren is a role I treasure above all. I am also an educator who has had the privilege to serve the education community in a variety of roles over the last forty years. These varied roles and experiences as a mother, yogi and educator contribute and expand my recovery and integrated together bring me into wholeness. I am honored and grateful to be of service to the ITR community.

What Does Allison Do Now?

You can  join Allison and a host of others in recovery every Sunday morning at 8 AM PST (11 AM EST) on In The Rooms at the Yoga Recovery meeting.

Join us on Sundays at 11 AM!


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