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The Ohio Opioid Education Alliance is the latest to join the trend of memorable opioid prevention PSAs. A new ad, launched last summer, tells viewers not to live in “Denial, Ohio.”

The ad aims to reminds people (especially parents) that opioid misuse can happen to anyone, even their children. It encourages parents to talk to their children about opioids and limit the amount of opioids they come in contact with.

Jonathan Wylly, CFO of the Alcohol, Drug And Mental Health Board of Franklin County sees the ad as “a vaccination for the next generation.”

“If you could come up with a vaccination that prevented a disease and you could give that to your kids for the future, who wouldn’t want to develop that?,” said Wylly.

The Ohio Opioid Education Alliance, which produced the ad, is part of the Franklin County Opiate Action Plan. Franklin County saw an 47% increase in opioid deaths in 2018 compared to 2016.

“Every child, every teen, is a potential victim of this epidemic… Our plea is simple: Please, parents, don’t live in Denial, Ohio,” said Wylly.

Learn more about the campaign here.


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