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Marc Dunn, Certified Mindfulness SUD & Lifestyle Coach, and the host of the Spiritual Gangsters meeting on In The Rooms, shares a conglomeration of thoughts about time.

Timing can be critical.

Not taking action at critical junctures where you hear or feel that inner voice saying “you better do this,” or “you have to do this,” or “you have to let this go,” can lead to longer term consequences which are harder to repair or overcome.

Taking action at junctures where you feel a similar push from your inner voice, higher power, or God often lead to feelings of peace, contentment, and harmony with the world around us.

Greed and Lust have a desperate insatiable quality to them. Giving in to them, while satisfying in the short term, leads to a loss of self-esteem. That leads to a loss in personal anchoring.

Most of the things that require time and effort have the greatest lasting satisfaction.

The longer you wait to make amends with those you’ve hurt, harmed or injured, the more difficult it becomes.

Absence rarely makes the “heart” grow fonder. Absence for recovering alcoholics is like purgatory.

Although it can feel inconvenient at the time, time spent helping others is never time wasted. This is the thought or perception I need to continually guard against and challenge.

Living life long-term without alcohol and drugs can feel like living on the moon. Taking your “boots” off can send you far off into outer space (in this metaphor, the “boots” represent a strong recovery program).

Things aren’t always replaceable.  Many things are time-sensitive and if I don’t appreciate them at that exact moment, I might regret it later. Or worse—wish for things to be like they used to be.

Time takes Time.



  1. I’m sober 30 years, and clean 21 years and I’m a nonsmoker 10 years.

    remembering, it’s all in step 3, the Care of GOD.

    and the Promises on Page 83 of the BIG BOOK, and , in NA basic Text, I love, NA.

    my phone , if anyone wants to call me, 334-796-7586 , since we’re kinda like shutin, from the virusthing.

  2. Thank you, Davy. It’s a blessing to feel your journey. I’m 90 days sober and lack of touch isn’t made up by telemeetings. It’s rough for this newbie.
    Bless you.

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