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Yesterday, November 19th, I did a podcast interview with Chris & Jeff from KLEN+SOBR, and their “Since Right Now” podcast. It was a really cool experience. In it I talk about Ireland, my drinking, getting sober and of course the most important part – Recovery!


“Turns out everyone with a recovery site and their mother with a recovery site was—and is—collecting “recovery stories.” So, K+S evolved quickly to incorporate just about anything relating to addiction recovery in all it’s permutations. The tent pole, as many of you now know is the Since Right Now Podcast.”




  1. This is a great interview, the hosts knew how to find the interesting details; those bits of your expereince that can definately help others. The rituals and routines of daily preparation and self focus were awesome. I think we need more about these! Be well

    • Nicky Reply

      Thank you Kyczy. It was a great experience. It’s the first time I did an interview for broadcast. Chris and Jeff were really great hosts.

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