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The Virtual REEL Recovery Film Festival and In The Rooms present the Movie of the Month for August: Coach Jake.

Martin Jacobsen, better known as Coach Jake, is the winningest high school soccer coach in New York City history. In his time at Martin Luther King, Jr. high school (once dubbed “Horror High” by the NY Times) he has given hundreds of immigrants, some of them homeless or parentless, an opportunity to gain some direction in the classroom as well as on the field that can be taken out into the world.  Jacobson knows first hand how important early exposure to sports can be.

“I got into some petty trouble as a child. The police picked me up and took me to the local recreation center. I fell in love with the sport (soccer) the first time I played it. I learned to play soccer as a form of therapy.”

Released in 2017, the film documents a year in the life of Jacobson and his team as he battles liver failure and the team strives to win another championship. In 1994 he was diagnosed with hepatitis C a result of his past heroin addiction. He is open about his past and uses his experience to share hope and recovery. The film follows him on and off the field, to doctor’s appointments, with players on the team and in intimate conversation with his wife.

“I ‘told all’ so others could learn that we can recover, we can do good, and that we all learn from our mistakes. There is always hope! We are on this earth for two reasons: To learn life’s lessons and to help others.”

Coach Jake premiered in Los Angeles three-years ago at the 9th Annual REEL Recovery Film Festival. A festival favorite we had an encore presentation last year at the New York edition of the REEL Recovery Film Festival where Jacobson and director, Ian Phillips were in attendance. He has also been profiled on the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin.

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The Virtual REEL Recovery Film Festival, in association with Film Festival Flix, is streaming this November 6-12th on all platforms and online. For more information, please click here.


Ahbra Kaye is the producer and curator of the 13 year-old REEL Recovery Film Festival and Symposium. The film festival is both a joy and a challenge that she is excited to continue in the virtual realm this year. Streaming November 5-11 on the REEL Recovery Film Channel. She is proud to be 5+years sober, a 3rd generation Angeleno and mother of 3 to Josh, Jordyn, Ellie, and two pirate dogs; Abby who has 3 legs and one-eyed Butters .

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