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These comprehensive programs can give you the help and support network you need for your recovery journey.

Collegiate recovery programs offer a unique recovery community for college students and can be found at universities nationwide. These programs can help students stay on track in their recovery, which is incredibly important in a substance-heavy environments like college. We’ve selected 10 different college recovery programs from across the country— read ahead to see if you can find one that’s perfect for you.


Gonzaga University- O.U.R. House

“O.U.R. House provides a safe, recovery-positive environment where students can connect with other students who have been through what they’ve been through. Through involvement in O.U.R. House, Zags in recovery will be empowered to take individual responsibility for their own health and well-being while belonging to a community of support.”

Oregon State University- Collegiate Recovery Community

“The CRC provides its members with a 24/7 clubhouse that includes a safe, sober place for students, recovery-oriented meetings, a study space and lounge, in addition to 24/7 support from members and staff, academic advising, and sober events.”


Arizona State University- Recovery Rising

“Recovery Rising aims to connect students through events, open roundtable discussions, and campus AA meetings. Recovery Rising takes action to increase visibility of the recovery lifestyle at ASU, connect ASU students in recovery with each other for social events, education, community service, support and meetings, and educate and support our ASU community to better understand recovery and how to support students in recovery.”

The University of Texas at Austin- The Center For Students In Recovery

“The Center for Students in Recovery provides a safe space and supportive community for students in recovery or seeking recovery from addiction. Students at any stage of recovery and at any point in their academic journeys are welcome. Come hang out at CSR during our open hours, come to a support group meeting, attend a sober social event or just get in the loop about volunteer opportunities and upcoming activities. ”


University of Nebraska Omaha- UNO Recovery Community

“The UNO Collegiate Recovery Community hopes to build a common and safe space for students in recovery from addiction to congregate, socialize, support one another, and build academic success. Our mission is to create a safe space for individuals in recovery from addiction to achieve personal and academic goals.”

Augsburg University- StepUP

“StepUP is the largest residential Collegiate Recovery community in the nation. It’s unique in that we address mental health as well as addiction recovery and it’s built on evidence-based and proven techniques that emphasize recovery based on the stages of change and the abstinence model. Students in recovery can fully engage in the Augsburg experience—they study abroad, play varsity athletics, serve on student government, conduct research, and more.”


Saint Joseph’s University- The Flock

“The Flock meets weekly to support each other and talk about issues impacting their lives.  The group also serves their community by working to raise awareness of addiction and recovery on campus. The Flock also offers workshops, awareness campaigns, and educational events.”

University of Vermont- Catamount Recovery Program

“The UVM Catamount Recovery Program (CRP) provides an affirming and empowering community for students in recovery from substance misuse. There are opportunities for students to engage with one another, develop community and support, and participate in a true college experience. Activities, events, meetings, service work, advocacy, recovery-based housing, one-on-one support, collaborations, referrals and social media all offer means to developing these connections.”


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- Carolina Recovery Program

“The Carolina Recovery Program provides each student a customized success plan, staff and peer support, and proactive recovery focused programing.  Our goal is to enable our students to enjoy a normal substance-free collegiate experience while excelling at UNC-CH.”

University of Central Florida- Prevention, Treatment, Recovery. 

“The recovery community at UCF offers those in recovery private study spaces, recovery coaching, substance use counseling, recovery centered academic and career advising, and local support meetings. We understand the challenges of being in recovery, and that’s why fostering a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and accountability is important for students who choose to lead a sober lifestyle.”

The 10 we’ve selected are only a small sample of what’s still out there— there are over 140 collegiate recovery programs nationwide. If you want to keep looking, check out Collegiate Recovery. 


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