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There is no doubt that there is an epidemic of opioid abuse in our world. The definition of epidemic in the Cambridge Dictionary:  a particular problem that seriously affects many people at the same time. This particular epidemic is persistent, brutal and killing indiscriminately. But why is this epidemic not being dealt with like other
Cheating Wife
  This week Caroline’s book focuses on unmanageability. Maybe better said, the chapter discusses unmanageability and how there is a lack of focus associated with it.  Alcoholics lie. We tell little lies.  We tell spectacular lies.  We lie to others. We lie to ourselves. These are simply statements of fact - there is no judgement
Very recently, I decided I enjoy silence more than radio in the mornings. Every single morning, on my way to work, I turn my radio off and listen to nothing. I pray, and I listen to my thoughts instead. I find this practice extremely amusing, entertaining, fascinating, and sometimes horrifying. My mind asks inane questions,