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Some as precious and spectacular

as rubies

some as ominous and treacherous

as fools gold

whether dark or light

each sticks to our bones

and falsifies our essence.

Some sparkle in fantastic splendour

memories of stolen moments

of joy, passion, mischief.

Afraid to let them escape from our depths

in case the feeling ends

in case it wasn’t true

caressing them

like a twin flame

we nurture what is only ours to know

what seems sacred.

Yet horror lurks there still,

you drink it down

try to poison it.

Its ugliness wants to stare you in the face

it screams it bites it hurts

and tries to smother you

and you wreathe in anguish

as it refuses to give you peace

moulding you with its fear

enforcing its identity upon you

it snuffs out the light

bringing you to the brink of insanity.

So thickly are you covered by its skin

nobody has ever seen you.

But you cannot continue to cry out

for mercy

or implore the Creator for healing

and a quiet heart

and expect the horror nor the splendour

to stay stuck to your bones.

Both will be expelled

if you are true of heart

the words will come

and be placed at the feet of those

who need to hear

and be returned home.





  1. Tammy / Pixie65 Reply

    So deep and profound. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  2. “So thickly are you covered by its skin nobody has ever seen you.” Beautiful. Time to be seen and known, to let go of the cocoon that suffocates as it protects.

  3. if only u new how real your words are to me
    To scared to tell the truth as ive learnt in the past your truth only brings retribution and condemnation ……..
    So how do u escape its thick coat covering you??????
    Sometimes death seems my only escape from its creeping tentacles smothering me….

    • Nicky Reply

      Hi Pam. For me I had to become completely independent, go through deep therapy and self-exploration – through working on myself I came to realise that I matter, and the truth became a natural part of my being. When you trust yourself, when you can take care of yourself then the truth is not a threat to you, but only to those who tell lies. That is my experience. I really hope you find your way to peace.

    • Nicky Reply

      Yeah. I write a lot of poetry. It’s my favorite form of writing. Thank you Diane.

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