Each month, In the Rooms and Seeking Integrity Treatment Centers present an online Super Saturday Recovery Summit. These events have proven to be an overwhelming success, with three experts on recovery discussing and answering questions on topics related to both early and longer-term sobriety and healing.

Our next Super Saturday Recovery Summit is set for Saturday, September 19. Presenters at this month’s summit include Dr. Sonnee Weedn, Dr. Todd Love, and Dr. Robert Weiss.

Dr. Todd Love
ADHD and Addiction: Myths and Truths

1:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Todd Love’s unique background (business, law, psychology, and more) helps him see the world through many different lenses, which he finds useful in his in-person and online counseling and coaching practice. He specializes in various addictions, ADHD, the interaction between ADHD and addiction, and other life issues like stress, school/work issues, anxiety, and more. Whether it’s substance addiction, video game addiction, gambling addiction, sex/porn addiction, or some other compulsive behavior or life issue, he is equipped to walk you through the process of healing.

In his recovery summit presentation, he will focus on ADHD and how/why it impacts addiction, and how individuals can heal from both disorders.

Dr. Sonnee Weedn
Eight Ways to Wellbeing for People in Recovery (and Everyone Else)

3:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Sonnee Weedn is a clinical and forensic psychologist in Novato, CA and Newport Beach, CA. In addition to her psychology practice, she provides continuing education and training programs for mental health professionals. Having studied with many leaders in behavioral/mental health care, as well as wisdom keepers from many traditions, Dr. Weedn applies traditional wisdom to a dynamic format. Over the years, she has created and produced a wide variety of retreat programs and workshops, ranging from couples enrichment to spiritual development. She also provides in-depth psychological assessments used in chemical dependency treatment planning.

Her SSRS presentation combines all of her work, as she discusses how addicts and loved ones of addicts can find peace, happiness, and wellbeing.

Dr. Robert Weiss
Prodependence: A New Approach for Loved Ones of Addicts

5:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Rob Weiss is Chief Clinical Officer for Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles. He is an expert in the treatment of adult intimacy disorders and related addictions, most notably sex, porn, and relationship addictions. A clinical sexologist and practicing psychotherapist, he frequently serves as a subject matter expert for major media outlets including CNN, HLN, MSNBC, OWN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and NPR, among others. He is the author of ten books, including Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency Sex Addiction 101, Out of the Doghouse, and Cruise Control. His podcast, Sex, Love, & Addiction, is rated as a Top 10 Addiction Podcast.

In 2018, he introduced the concept of prodependence, a new concept in addiction healthcare. Prodependence, the subject of Dr. Rob’s SSRS presentation, is intended to improve the ways we treat loved ones of addicts and other troubled people. It offers them more dignity for their suffering than blame for the problem.

Join us this coming Saturday, September 19th, to learn from these fantastic presenters. If you aren’t yet an In The Rooms member, simply sign up for a free account to join the Summit. If you’re already a member, just enter the meeting clubhouse when the event begins. See you there!


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