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Last month, In the Rooms and Seeking Integrity Treatment Centers presented an online Super Saturday Recovery Summit. The event was an overwhelming success, with three experts on recovery discussing and answering questions on topics related to both early and longer-term sobriety and healing. Approximately 500 people attended each of the three sessions. In response, we are making the recovery summit a monthly event, with our next summit set for Saturday, May 16.

Presenters at this month’s Super Saturday Recovery Summit include Dr. David Fawcett, Rachel Levy, and Lulu Cook.

Dr. David Fawcett, 1 p.m. Eastern

Dr. Fawcett (PhD, LCSW) is Vice President of Clinical Programming for Seeking Integrity Treatment Centers. He is a substance abuse expert, a certified sex therapist, a clinical psychotherapist, and the world’s foremost expert in paired substance/sex behavior (also known as chemsex). His award-winning book, Lust, Men, and Meth, looks at meth abuse and chemsex addiction in the gay community. He is currently writing a more general book about substance/sex behaviors, looking at the drug/sex pairing of all substances (not just meth) with all populations (not just gay men). In his Super Saturday Recovery Summit presentation, Dr. Fawcett will share his expertise on paired substance/sex addiction, discussing and answering questions about the many ways chemsex behaviors manifest. He will also touch on the most commonly experienced consequences and the best approach to long-term recovery. 

Rachel Levy, 3 p.m. Eastern

Rachel Levy LMHC is affectionately referred to by her clients as ‘Love Coach Rachel.’ She is a Licensed Transformational Psychotherapist, Imago Relationship Therapist, Teacher of Empathy, Sacred Space Holder, Compassionate Listener, Dancer, and Lover of Life. At the Super Saturday Recovery Summit, she will present and answer questions about her Healthy Love program, a 12-step-inspired approach focused on empathy for ourselves and within our relationships. Healthy Love is a laboratory and a new language derived from Transformation, Shadow Work, Imago Therapy, and recovery wisdom. It is also a warm and caring space where we feel the compassion, understanding, and light for all of us.

Lulu Cook, 5 p.m. Eastern

Lulu Cook, APD/RDN, CPC is a credentialed dietitian, health coach, counsellor, and author of the best-selling book, The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners: A No-Stress Meal Plan with Easy Recipes to Heal the Immune System. Lulu has been in the rooms of recovery for 20 years. She understands the importance of diet as a foundation to physical and mental health. At the Super Saturday Recovery Summit, she will discuss and answer questions about nutrition and how proper diet can be used as a tool of recovery. Using evidence-based information, she presents real-world nutritional strategies you can use to further your process of healing and recovery. Please join Lulu to gain insights that can help you experience truly holistic recovery at every level.

Join us this Saturday, May 16, to get answers to your questions and learn something new to enhance your recovery!


David Fawcett PhD, LCSW is a social worker and sex therapist specializing in addictive disorders. He is the author of Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery (Healing Path Press, 2015) which explores the intersection of gay men, drug use, and high-risk sexual behavior. The book was named “2016 Best Nonfiction Literature” by POZ magazine. David has been in the AAA fellowship for over 40 years with a sobriety date of May 25, 1979. He is also Vice President for Clinical Programming at Seeking Integrity ( which develops and operates treatment programs for fused drug and sex behaviors (chemsex), sex addiction and porn addiction. His work with crystal meth has led to invited presentations and consultations in France, the Netherlands and the UK. He is the host of a weekly webinar called “Addiction Q&A” and a podcast series called “Sex, Love and Addiction: Healing Conversations for Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Men.” Both are available at no cost at He frequently presents workshops on LGBT health, addiction, HIV, and co-occurring disorders both in the US and internationally and is well-known for his work with persons living with HIV. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2018 NALGAP President’s Award. Most recently he co-produced Crystal City, a 90-minute documentary that follows the struggles and successes of eight gay men in recovery from crystal meth in New York and which is currently screening at film festivals in the US and Europe. It is also available for general distribution on Amazon Prime.


  1. KatieBelle Karstens Reply

    Is there a way to watch the ones I missed?
    I didn’t account for the time difference and missed the first 2!
    Loved the nutrition one though! I learned so much and Lulu is an engaging speaker 🙂

  2. Craig Sensanbaugh Reply

    Looking forward to reading David Faucets book on chemsex.

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